The World Editor inside 3DX Chat is sometimes quite limited in it's functionality, if you ever made an outside area in your map which should look more natural you quickly come to a point that it gets somewhat frustrating to place trees, bushes, grass or rocks all by hand.

Especially in larger areas. Copy pasting the same object hundreds of times, rotating and scaling it can be quite annoying. So I came up with the idea of developing some tools to make such tasks more easy and a lot quicker. And for all the builders in 3DX Chat I wanted to share those tools I did develop.

3DXTools offers some easy to use forms to generate objects that can be imported into the World Editor of 3DX Chat. Make a forest in some simple clicks, place bushes or grass in larger amount. The simply import it into your map in the World Editor of 3DX Chat. With the Tree randomiser you quickly create forest or stonefield like areas in seconds.